• Madison West Olive Garden review

    I recently ordered lunch for myself and five colleagues from the Olive Garden on Madison’s West Side and I have to say it was the first time in almost 10 years since I’ve visited the restaurant chain. It became immediately clear that “good things come to those who wait” because the food and service was excellent. Moreover, the cleanliness of this location was above average and it made the experience even more enjoyable.

    It’s not an easy task for the Olive garden or other large casual dining chains to achieve consistent high levels of quality and service. However, this particular Madison Olive Garden deserves enormous credit for the obvious hard work that translated into one of the best experiences I’ve had at any popular dining chain. I also wanted to give Joe and his staff a special thank you for their going above and beyond the normal call of duty.

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  1. Cassidy Gunderson says:

    Olive garden on the west side SUCKS! The have horrible service, waited over a half hour and watch four different groups of people get seated before me. Never going there ever again!

  2. HotBite says:

    Hello Cassidy, thank you for the feedback. One thing my 20+ years in the restaurant business has shown me is that it’s hard to please everyone all of the time. You should voice your concerns to the management.

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