• Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop review

    My first visit to Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop at 610 Junction Road on Madison’s far West side will more than likely be my last. Even though they have an inviting decor and keep it clean the product lacks character. I ordered their signature Italian style sandwich which was over priced by market comparison. Once served, I was immediately disappointed in the smell and quality of the sub sandwich and can only compare it to the processed smell you get when you open a package of store bought Bologna.

    I am not convinced that Capriotti’s will survive in the Madison market for very long simply because Milio’s, Jimmy John’s, SUBWAY and Erbert & Gerbert’s all serve a better quality sub sandwich.

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  1. John says:

    Dude, you did not even try one of their signature sandwiches, and you call yourself a reviewer? Capriotti’s slow roasts their turkeys overnight for 12 hours every night, same with the roast beef. You don’t get processed meat like the other chains.
    Best cheese steak in town hands down. Their small 9″ sub has a quarter pound of steak on it. Subway gives you 3 oz on a footlong!
    They have the best quality food of all the chains, you are a moron if you think Subway is good.

  2. HotBite says:

    Your opinion is appreciated and I did not have the Turkey or the Roast Beef sandwich. However, as a consumer and reviewer I would still expect to get a quality sandwich when I order a basic Italian or any other from. Does the menu say “order a signature sandwich because their better”? In order to survive in the business you have to hang your hat on more than one or two sandwiches. I stand by my review of the Italian and look forward to my next visit to try another (different) sandwich.

  3. corey says:

    I can’t believe you think that Subway is a good sub. Im betting that Burger King is has a better burger than 5 guys too right? Wow you need to get out there. Yes Jimmy Johns is okay too, but I think you need to learn a few things before you review anymore for Madison Hot Bite kiddo. Leave the reviews for people that can sit at the big boy table.

  4. HotBite says:

    Thank you for your candor. During my years as Director of Operations for a Madison sub chain I found that a good Italian sub is a necessary staple of any solid sub shop menu. Generally speaking, my opinion is that the taste and smell of processed bologna reflects poorly on the quality of the sandwich. If you prefer this quality of ingredients, you are certainly entitled to your opinion and I welcome others to weigh in as well. This site is intended to be an open forum for discussion regarding our area’s most frequented restaurants.

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