• Blowin’ Smoke BBQ in Waunakee is a very welcome addition to the neighborhood


    I had heard about Blowin’ Smoke BBQ from my girlfriend and at first I was a bit skeptical that it was authentic.  However, we decided to give this place a try since there is virtually no great food in Waunakee to speak of.  They are located in a building shared by a bank and dance studio just off Highway 113 near Savannah Village in Waunakee.  If you don’t pay attention you might drive right by it so make sure you drive slow and look out for Smokey…if you know what I mean.

    The restaurant is new and clean and offers a great variety of BBQ house specialties and standards.  They also have three televisions and a nice variety of wine and select beers.  You can call ahead and order for carryout with your choice of “BBQ by the pound” or regular menu items. Our first visit and order was for the Beef Brisket Sandwich with their Sweet Original sauce and a BLT Club.  We also ordered their deep fried mushrooms appetizer which arrived to our table quickly, hot and perfectly breaded. They were devoured without hesitation.

    Once our entrees were delivered by the owner himself I immediately began to drool.  Both sandwiches looked delicious and the BLT Club was well received by my date.  Although, I could not say the same for the Beef Brisket which by most standards was overcooked and dry.  Even though my first Blowin’ Smoke experience was not perfect it was good enough to warrant another try in the very near future.  I want to give them the benefit of the doubt and I hope that visit number two meets my expectations.

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  • Brews Brothers Pub in Middleton is worth the visit


    Do you remember what bars looked like when you were a kid (or teenager) back in the 20th century?  Bars were built to serve patrons a beer or an occasional shot of liquor.  There was typically a small complimentary menu of bar food but not all bars succeeded with their food choices.  However, they all seemed to share a similar interior design that was easy to navigate and in some ways felt like home. The simple idea of having a long bar with just enough tables and not too much space so that service was quick (and so you don’t feel like you’re in an echo chamber) was all but lost until I stumbled upon Brews Brothers Pub in Middleton this weekend with my girlfriend.

    If you are looking for a friendly and rare breed of a bar that serves great burgers and fries, (just as good as Five Guys) and more beers than you can remember, then I enthusiastically suggest Brews Brothers.  The prices and service is great and it won’t be long before Verona and Waunakee have one they can call their own too.

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  • Nitty Gritty is coming to Sun Prairie


    The Cannery Bar & Grill in Sun Prairie has closed as of October 12 and will be re-opening as the Nitty Gritty. The new owners anticipate a mid-November opening.

  • 2013 Isthmus Food and Wine Festival Exhibitors


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  • Taste of Madison 2013 Restaurant list


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  • Madison Restaurant Week 2013


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  • Quaker Steak & Lube Middleton Review


    It’s been a while since I have shared my thoughts on area restaurants. So much has been happening around the Madison Foodie World and many new restaurants have been popping up. But there is always one that I come back to with family and friends to enjoy the guilty pleasure that is Quaker Steak and Lube. No matter what time of day, or the number of patrons filling the tables, the staff at the Middleton Quaker Steak & Lube always provides great service and consistently good food.

    Although the menu still lacks healthy alternatives the atmosphere and bright smiles more than make up for it. There are also very few places that cater to children the way the Lube does and for that I give them the highest praise. Should you find yourself craving some of the best wings around or your simply seeking a fun and easy to find place for entertaining visiting relatives you can never go wrong at Quaker Steak & Lube in Middleton, Wisconsin.

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  • Five Guys Burgers and Fries Review


    Burgers and Fries are possibly the simplest recipe for success in the fast food industry. However, after my third visit to the Delafield Five Guys Burgers and Fries I am now convinced that the Five Guys in Delafield may have found a way to screw up a simple concept. How hard can it be to sweep the floor, wipe the tables, or clean the bathroom before a lunch rush? Why is it that every time I visit this location as I pass through town to visit friends and relatives that I walk into what only can be described as a Mess Hall?

    Listen, I understand that its hard to train and motivate teenagers in the fast food business but their job is to cook and clean. On every occassion there seems to be a shift manager on duty working faster than everyone around them. However, there is never any sign of “management” going on. The food always arrives overdue and sloppier than your average Five Guys. Even after sitting at the table for 20 minutes no employee has ever been seen in the dining area picking up trash or sweeping the floors.

    If you ask me if Five Guys Burgers and Fries is worth your time I would say yes only if you have low standards, your hungover, and or your already over your limit.

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  • Restaurant Muramoto vs. Sushi Muramoto


    I recently had the distinct pleasure of dining out at Restaurant Muramoto for the first time with my girlfriend and sister. Our timing was good so we were immediately seated at the Sushi Bar. I like not having to wait for fresh Sushi. However, I quickly discovered a distinct difference in the style, service, and overall unkempt appearance of the dining area. I am drawing this comparison from not only Sushi Muramoto which is their other Madison counterpart but from other Madison area Sushi Restaurants.

    Why would a fine Sushi Restaurant with apparent high standards at one location chose to fall short at another? The only explanation could be laziness. There was moldy caulk surrounding the glass that covers the Sushi, the floors and back of the house were visibly dirty, and the place felt disorganized and dark. Maybe the lack of lighting was intentional? Whatever the reason for their sub standard ambiance the Sushi was delicious and the company was great.

    If your next night out for Sushi leads you to one of the Muramoto’s in Madison I would recommend setting your cars navigation to Sushi Muramoto.

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  • Isthmus Food and Wine Festival 2012


    Held at the Alliant Energy Center Friday, October 19 and Saturday, October 20. Click here for event details and for purchasing your advanced tickets http://www.thedailypage.com/daily/article.php?article=37866

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